Translation Agency in New York Providing Apostille Certificate

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Apostille certifications are required for making documents legal in foreign countries. This is the standard procedure in respect of documents to be used in foreign lands after the Hague Convention held in the year 1961. The convention abolished the requirements for legalizing any further the documents with Apostille certificate.

Why Use Apostille Certificate?

Apostille certificate certifies the signatory and the seal used in the commercial document and not the translation itself. However if the client is looking for translator agency in New York that offers accurate and fast translation work then he or she has to take into consideration other factors as well. However the use of the Apostille certificate authenticates the document in foreign land. Therefore while looking for an agency rendering translation works in New York or elsewhere it would be necessary selecting one that offers the certificate if the client is looking for translation work relating to overseas transactions.   it would be good choosing a service provider that has under its wing the experts conversant with both side languages. That means they should be well versed in the sender side as well as the recipient side languages.


Getting the Apostille Certificate

Unlike what many clients feel, getting an Apostille certificate is quite easy and simple. However the process is a little time consuming. If the certificate is to be obtained from a translation service in New York then there are some specific steps to be followed. These steps are operative throughout United States. As a first step the commercial translation is notarized. Thereafter one can apply and get the Apostille certificate from the Secretary of State. Problem in this is that each of the component states in the country has slightly different regulations. If any particular State department does not recognize the notary with whom the document translation is authenticated then the client has to find out a county clerk to certify the document. Thereafter the Secretary of State can grant the Apostille certificate.

Documents Requiring Apostille

Of course all business translation documents may not require the Apostille certificate. However the certificate is mandatory in respect of court as well as administrative documents, some of official certificates and the notary related acts. It is also required for birth, death, divorce certificates and applications for patents when the documents are used in foreign lands. These are all essential documents and their translations need to be certified accordingly.

Since all the countries are not the signatories to the Hague Convention it is necessary contacting their consulate before using the translated documents in such countries. However most of the major economies are signatories to both Hague Convention and Apostille Treaty and that is why looking for the translation services in New York offering the Apostille Certificate is a good step for the client.

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