Ideas for Fun Birthday Celebrations

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Have you agreed to host a party for a group of teenagers? Whether they’re celebrating a birthday, end of the school year or just want to get together, a large group of teens can be overwhelming to the uninitiated. Put your seatbelts on and take these recommendations from the professional party planners and your event is sure to be a hit. Let the guests know in advance the start and finish time. That said, don’t count on all guest coming and going at the same time. Teenagers have a tendency to straggle.

Birthday Celebrations

The first step is to secure the date and budget.  Confirm your headcount and send out the notices that the party is on!  Rest assured that not only will you not be needed to supervise; it’s most likely that they would prefer you didn’t. You’re actually just supply the food venue and a bit of direction. Food. Have plenty of food on hand. The evening will be a perpetual graze. Pizza, chips soda and popcorn coupled with a late night snack of nachos supreme will delight every teenager present. Surprise the guests by taking advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and purchase gift cards in advance of the party from Fandango. This is a party memento that every teenager will enjoy. Who doesn’t like going to the movies?

If you’re fortunate enough to have a finished basement or upstairs playroom, you have half the battle covered.  Provided the weather is mild, moving the party onto the deck or terrace is always a welcome idea. Set up a projector, hang a sheet and you can have a movie night for all to enjoy. Keep the food coming and you’ll be the hit host!  Enjoy your fun evening with a house full of teenagers!