Great Fund Raising Ideas

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The simple ways are often the best when it comes to raising money for charity, school fund raisers and similar events. Not only do they raise the most money but they are often great fun.

Fund Raising Ideas

Raising money does not need to be complicated to organize or execute. They shouldn’t take hours and hours of preparation or lots of expensive tools. Many of the following great fund raising ideas can even be run by children.
Here are a few of our favorites:

Balloon Car – this fabulous fund raising idea was originally a marketing gimmick for car sales. All you need to do is to blow up lots of balloons and place them inside a car then people pay a small fee to guess the number of balloons it took to fill up the car. The person who is the closest to the correct number wins a prize.

Fund Raising Ideas

Opening the car doors and allowing the balloons to escape (and be counted) is great fun too – particularly if you encourage any children present to burst as many as they can. You could even hide a lucky ticket inside one of the balloons for a little extra interest.

Guess The Weight / Guess The Name / Guess The Age – this is a terrific fund raiser which is particularly popular when using pets or toys. Once again the prize is awarded to the person who is nearest to the correct weight or anyone who correctly guesses the name, age etc. It can work well with tortoises, big dogs, big cats, rabbits – you could even guess the combined weight of three members of teaching staff or their combined ages.

Fund Raising Ideas

Wheel of Fortune – you can make your own wheel or buy a prize wheel from the selection at The Display Outlet which will help you to raise money year after year. You can use this versatile piece of equipment in a large variety of different ways. You can change the names / numbers on the different colored panels to suit your chosen theme and chosen game. Give each of the panels a theme, picture, number or name and contestants pay to choose a lucky panel. When all of the panels have been sold you simply spin the wheel and the panel which stops closest to the arrow wins a prize. You can play this game as many times as you like depending upon the number of people in attendance and the number of prizes on offer.

Lucky Lollipop Sticks – this is another incredibly easy fund raising game which can be set up in a matter of minutes. All you need is a bucket of sand and a number of lollipop sticks. Stand the lollipop sticks in the sand and contestants pay to pick out a stick. Write messages on each of the sticks which are hidden in the sand – some contestants may find that they have won a prize and others may find that they have been unlucky this time. Either way it’s a very simple way to make a little cash for a good cause.

Flowerpots – the aim of this game is for a contestant to bounce a ping pong ball into a flowerpot from a pre-determined distance. Put a little sand into the bottom of numerous flower pots so that the ball doesn’t bounce out again and write on the bottom of each pot – perhaps a number which determines the value of the prize on offer for a successful throw.

There really are many ways to earn money for charities, schools and other good causes which are quick, easy and cheap to execute. They are also great fun.